2017 Run Smelt Run Parade

May 14. 3:30 pm

This will be a lively, site-specific spectacle, featuring masks, large puppets, and a Twin Cities brass band, the Brass Messengers.

Everyone is encouraged to wear silver!

Images will include:
– a stilt walking Royal Guard.
– an energetic school of silver smelt puppet and mask dancers.
– a musical procession featuring a giant Smelt Queen and her underwater retinue.
The parade will begin at the Aerial Lift Bridge, on the lawn in front of the Maritime Museum, with a brief performance to introduce the puppets and the Brass Messengers. Everyone is invited to join the procession down the Lakewalk, and end at Zeitgeist Arts Cafe, 222 E. Superior St.
Following the parade will be a smelt fry and dance.